11. Get in touch with someone you haven’t contacted in a while.

10. Hide a note that will make someone smile. (Tape it to the inside the medicine cabinet, in the silverware drawer in the kitchen, a post-it in a bathroom stall or by the coffee maker at work are some suggestions.)

9. Buy a small bag of fun-sized candy bars. Give one to each bell-ringer you see as you drop your donation into their kettle during the Christmas season. Or anyone else you see that is giving of themselves.

8. Thank the person ringing up your order for doing an good job and giving you a smile. If they aren’t smiling...give them one of yours!

7. Try to engage a stranger in a conversation as you wait in line. Be sure to listen.
6.Tape coins to a vending machine for the next person to use to get a drink.

5. Hold the door for someone.

4. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee on the go. Or get a refill for your co-worker from the company pot.

3. Tell a silly joke to make someone laugh.

2. Let someone ahead of you in line.

1. Give someone a hug or a compliment.

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